Lower Caste Religious Music From India | Monks, Transvestites, Midwives, and Folksingers

The album "Lower Caste Religious Music From India" by Monks,Transvestites, Midwives, and Folksingers captures folk music of the masses across India, primarily of the blue collar and manual labor working classes. Not known to many westerners, the concept of "Caste" in India was originally role based, not hereditary. The role-based system was hijacked by power mongers in monarchies and oligarchies to the notorious caste system that we have all now learned to love to hate, though some form of the system is found in all societies in varying degrees and forms.

The seven tracks in this album provide a sample of the diversity and richness of folk traditions in India, not necessarily tied to Lower Caste, in spite of the title of the album.

Originally released on New Year's day, 1973, this album has been re-released under the Lyrichord Archive label in 2005.

The Tracks are:

1. Folk - Jugglers, Dancers - Ghazal
2. Folksingers - Bhajan    Itinerant folk singers from the village of Chittupur
3. Folksingers - Worksong Itinerant folk singers from the village of Chittupur
4. Monk - Bhajan Monk, Kabir temple of Benares
5. Saya, Vocal Folk - Bhajan Saya
6. Haridas - Bhajan Woman from the village Pahria
7. Saya - Folk Bhajan Saya the Midwife

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