Love Shagun: A touch of smart humor, a film resonating with youth (review)

By Priyanka Basu, Everymedia

Nidhi Subbaiah and Anuj Sachdeva
Actress Nidhi Subbaiah and actor Anuj Sachdeva

Mumbai, March 4 - Debutante director Saandesh Nayak is riding high after the release of his film ‘Love Shagun”. Inspired from his real life and wedding the movie was shot in scenic locations of Goa. Starring Anuj Sachdeva and Nidhi Subbaiah, the movie has managed to shed light on a lot of issues the young generation is facing today.

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There was an issue that Saandesh particularly wanted to address, “In today's scenario, a lot of divorces and breakups are happening and the shelf-life of love is getting reduced. Individuality and space in the relationship is getting lost. One can fall in love with the goal that he has in life or with a friend or any other person. So when you have the goal or your loved one with you then ‘Shagun' is automatically there. This movie is about respecting the individuality, creating a healthy relationship and not judging the person by their appearance”.

Other topics too have been addressed with a light sense of humour, and that shows the subtlety in direction from Saandesh. He further explains that the reason he named his film “Love Shagun” is because he wanted to show the mix of the western and eastern influences on our young generation and culture. This also reflects in the characters of Anuj and Nidhi who play a small town boy and a city girl respectively. The conflicts faced by traditionally rooted youngsters who still want to adapt to the urban culture and influences is what makes the backdrop of the movie. Hence the tagline “dil ki ya maa ki”!

The film’s producer Isha S Nayak feels the movie will click with the new generation as the main protagonist is conflicted between traditions, friends, and personal happiness, much like every other youngster today. Isha adds, “He has due respect for his mother. He is not a Casanova. He simply wants to get married to a perfect girl. He meets an astrologer who tells him that according to his kundli he will get divorced in his first marriage. His friend suggests that he should find an imperfect girl for divorce. How that imperfect relationship grows without any expectation is what we are trying to show because in today's times, expectations kill the relationship”.

You have got to go watch the movie to see every aspect of a relationship being explored in a subtle manner with a touch of humour. Love Shagun is a movie that will definitely resonate with the youth of today.