Listen to Washington Bangla Radio online on Apple iPhone-iPod-iPad mobile devices streaming live

If you are a proud owner of one of Apple's wonderful mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod or iPad, and have a suitable data connection that you have subscribed to or have connectivity to (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi etc.), you can tune into Washington Bangla Radio online channel via your mobile device.

Here is how:

- Head to the iTunes App Store and download and install the FLYCAST.FM free app. Click here to get the FREE Flycast app from iTunes store » icon

- Launch the Flycast.FM Application

- Touch "Search"

- In the Keyword Search box, type in Bangla and then touch Search

- You will see two results called  "banglaradio"

- Touch on either to tune into free Washington Bangla Online Radio channel

- You can set this as a favorite on the Flycast home screen so that you do not have to search every time

- We encourage you to rate the songs that you hear!

For more information on Washington Bangla Radio support for mobile / cell phone / smart phone devices, check our online help page here.