Krosswindz On Swiss Radio, New English Album, Fred Hamilton Concert & Other WBRi Exclusive Updates By Vikramjit Banerjee / Tuki

Vikramjit Banerjee, who we all know as Tuki, sends the latest news and updates about Krosswindz, the legendary World Music band from Kolkata, exclusively for for WBRi listeners.

KROSSWINDZ on Swiss Radio on January 7, 2009

"Here is the podcast of a Swiss radio program featuring KROSSWINDZ. Obviously it is in French. There is one Mohiner Ghoraguli number with Krosswindz (Prithibi) and finally, Jhiko Jhiko (at the end of the hour). The radio host, Melanie and her assistants, were very enthusiastic about this number and in their opinion it will do well in Switzerland and France!" says Stephane Dorin. Stephane was interviewed for this show and he spoke of his experience with the music scene in West Bengal amongst other topics.

The New English Album from Krosswindz - Coming Soon

"Krosswindz is halfway through the recording of the new English album and we are very excited with the way it is shaping up.", writes Tuki. "We want to share a sneak preview with you of one of the tracks - here is a live video of our original Losing My Head played at a recent gig in the Someplace Else pub at the Park - our new song "Losing my head" from the upcoming KROSSWINDZ album" :

Krosswindz on BBC Radio London

The BBC Radio London did a full live interview and unplugged concert with KROSSWINDZ. BBC is playing the KROSSWINDZ original song EERSHA METER (from bengali album DHOWA), SHUNDORI KOMOLA and ALLAH MEGH DE (from album JHIKO JHIKO) on their Radio Channel BBC ASIA.

Click HERE to visit the BBC ASIA web site for more details »


Krosswindz performed at the Coronation Ceremony of the 5th King of Bhutan. The band performed at two open air rock extravaganzas to a sold out audiences over the weekend 6th and 7th December, 2008. The King of Bhutan himself kicked off the concert. A special original song has been composed by KROSSWINDZ for the Coronation Ceremony and was performed at the concerts.


Krosswindz is on a roll. On 22nd November 2008, Krosswindz had a rocking gig at Bethune College, Kolkata along with a great gig at Rave Up pub in Siliguri on 14th November 2008. Among other recent KROSSWINDZ Concerts:

  • 9th Dec 2008 KROSSWINDZ off to Gauhati to play for Gauhati club
  • 12th December 2008 KROSSWINDZ live at ST.XAVIERS COLLEGE Reunion concert
  • 16th Dec 2008 KROSSWINDZ Live at City Centre Yamaha Rocks
  • 19th-21st  Dec 2008 KROSSWINDZ live at INDIA CLUB Gauhati
  • 23rd  Dec 2008 KROSSWINDZ Live at Lady Brabourne college
  • 24th  Dec 2008 Dec KROSSWINDZ Live at CCFC
  • 25th  Dec 2008 Dec KROSSWINDZ Live in Swabhumi
  • 26TH-29th Dec 2008 KROSSWINDZ LIVE in DIGBOI Club Assam
  • 29th Dec 2008 evening KROSSWINDZ Live at Lake club
  • 1st Jan 2009 City Centre Salt lake Kund Open air Theatre
  • 13th Jan 2009 KROSSWINDZ Live at Jadavpur University

Tuki with Fred Hamilton

On 7th January 2009, Tuki performed in a special concert with Fred Hamilton (Maestro Jazz guitarist and Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas) and Pundit Tarun Bhattacharya (Santoor Maestro).

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