Kolkata restaurant launches new Mediterranean Menu

Shish taouk

Shish taouk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By J P Mandal, WBRINN (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

Kolkata, Feb 9 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Popular Kolkata restaurant ‘La Maison Des Délices - Pâtisserie & Bistro’ recently launched their new menu titled ‘Under the Mediterranean Sun’.

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The bistro that offers a range of continental cuisine highlighting French, Italian and conventional European styles has now introduced Mediterranean fare in their menu as well which is characterised by the cultures that dot the Mediterranean Sea.

A number of dishes was presented for the guests to dig in during the menu launch. The list included Cold Mezze, Shish Taouk, Lahem Meshwi, Tabuk Bifftek, Samek Harra, Meatball Pizza, Bhetki & spinach cheese melt and Lamb Shank.

Speaking about the new menu, Partha Sarathi Bose, owner says, “Foods in Mediterranean regions have some complicated names. But Indian-food buffs who are used to lentils and bread or rice on their plate each day, will find Mediterranean cuisine quite welcoming, both to the eyes, and the palate.”

Crafted by Head Chef Chiradeep Pal (partner, La Maison Des Délices) and Executive Chef Riju Dey, the Mediterranean menu is all about fresh seasonal vegetables, olive oil, yoghurt, salads, cheese, a fair dose of exotic herbs and condiments, and fresh seafood and protein of every kind.

Head Chef Chiradeep Pal who happens to be the partner of  La Maison Des Délices, said on the occasion, “ From Cold Mezze (A typical Turkish, Lebanese and Greek starter consisting of olives, tahini, hummus, fresh salad and pita) to Lahem Meshwi (A traditional Eastern Mediterranean lamb kebab sever with a fresh yogurt dip and salad), Tavuk Biftek (A Mediterranean marinated char grilled breast of chicken server with feta and salad), or Coq au crémant (Grilled breasts of chicken served in a rich cream wine sauce), our menu is now highlighting the produce and ambience of the Old World region.”