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Suspended Fifth

Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band Calcutta
Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band Calcutta

"I’ve always believed in the music that we did and that’s why it was uncompromising"- Jimmy Page.

Suspended Fifth: Pathor, Himalaya
Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band Calcutta

Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band CalcuttaA group of talented youngsters, with a stroke of luck and a dash of spirit turned Bengali music into an experience of a lifetime.

A beautiful voice, guitar riffs, elaborate and funky bass lines and power packed drumbeats from the metronome of the band is what keeps the hopes, aspirations and the dream of this band alive.

Music that can appeal. As Jimmy Page once put it: “Our music is more like the folk music of the technological age.

The band grew up in the heart of Kolkata, with influences varying from different bands all around the world. As a band Suspended Fifth had its five very different influences.

Experimental music was what we could label the type of melody we made.

Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band Calcutta Suspended Fifth are:

Vocals - Debanjan Dhar ( Debu )
Bass - Budhaprabha Roy (TOTTI)
Drums – Devajit Banerjee (DEVA)
Guitars - Kaustav Goswami (KOCHU)
Guitars - Bhaskar Ghosh (ZOSO)

Now that’s the suspended family for you!

A touch of melody with touching lyrics and beautiful music along with it is what defines us, a band as a whole more than individuals.

Our music for us is the kind of thing that fills a gap in a person’s heart, soul, chest cavities and elbows.


Music, Sports, Good food, Watches, Shades, Good Smell, Women, and Mob fights.

While the ones that matter are:


Rabindranath Tagore, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley, led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osborne, Queen, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, U2, Chris Cornell, Sting, Mohiner Ghoraguli, Anjan Dutta, Rupam Islam..........


Sukumar Ray, Satyajit Ray, Ustad Rashid Khan, Ustad Vilayat Khan, John Denver, Guns n Roses, Audioslave, RATM, RHCP, SOAD, Slipknot, Ozzy, Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder, Staind, Porcupine Tree.......


Beatles, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Rush, Van Halen, Mr. Big, Gary Moore, Porcupine Tree, Bon Jovi, Dream Theatre, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Queen, U2, Guns n Rosses, Mohiner Ghoraguli.......


Iron Maiden, Pantera, Santana, Scorpions, Skid Row, Metallica, Creed, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Dream Theatre, Breaking Benjamin, Baul Music............


Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Cohen, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, Bon Jovi, SOAD, MCR, Wolfmother, Killers, Eluviette, Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Mohiner Ghoraguli........

Suspended Fifth Kolkata Bangla Band Calcutta Equipment

Debu: Crage Professional Microphone, Fastrack Microphone Stand, Puck Harmonica, Takamin acoustic Guitar
Totti: Ibanez GRS 395 5-String Bass Guitar with Rosewood fret board and IB soap bar pick-ups, Gibson acoustic bass n guitar, Planet waves
Deva: Ddrums D2 5-piece Drum set, Sabian B8(16" n 18" crash, 14" Hi-hats, 20" Ride) Wuhan(18" china, 10" Splash) cymbals, Chancellor and Ddrums Hardware, Remo Encore Aqua tension Drumheads, Pdp by DW(DP-404) Double Bass pedal with Gibraltar springs, Vic Firths NOVA 5A drumsticks
Kochu: Fender Strat Comet, Hobner Jumbo Acoustic Guitar, Digitech RP 350 Guitar Multi Effects Processor, planet wave Cables, Jim Dunlop Jazz III picks
Zoso: Kramer Focus with Hum bucker n Single coil pick-ups, Hobner Rosewood acoustic guitar, Digitech RP 80 guitar multi effects Processor, Zoom 707II guitar multi effects Processor, planet waves cables, Jim Dunlop Stubby
Besides:  Stranger Cube 20, Laney LX12, Samick 20 Watts Amplifiers, Stranger SM800 Audio Mixer, Falcon and Planet Waves Connection Wires, TAZZ multi connection extension cord.
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