Kobi Sukanta Bhattacharya | Sinri (Stairs) | A Translation By Barnali Saha

Sukanta Bhattacharya

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Sukanta Bhattacharya (সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য) (August 15, 1926 – May 13, 1947) was one of the most honored poets of Bangla literature. He was called 'Young Nazrul' and 'Kishore Bidrohi Kobi'.


Translated into English by Barnali Saha.


We are the stairs
In your quest to rise you trample on us everyday
Then you never stop and look back
Our hearts elate with the dust of your feet
We are kicked and assailed regularly

You know our agony
So you use the carpet to camouflage the lacerations of our heart
You try to mask the evidence of your tortures
And from this world you want to hide
The reverberation of your lofty foot steps.

But in our heart we all know
That your atrocities will not be hidden forever
Like emperor Humayan
You feet could also slip.

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 Barnali is a creative writer, painter and elocutionist from Nashville, TN.

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