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Celebrating Pohela Boishak.

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As you may know, Khairul Anam Shakil is a leading artiste / singer from Bangladesh, famous for Nazrulgeeti. Shakil is the current General Secretary of the Chhayanaut Cultural Organization. Chayanat is famous in Dhaka for their Bangla new year (Pohela Boishakh) program at Ramna Park, Dhaka - the Probhati program on the morning of Poyla Boishakh.

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Shakil has a strong foundation in Classical Vocal and is an expert of the Kheyal, and teaches Classical music. His uncle, Mahmudur Rahman Benoo, was a Nazrul singer, and his uncle inspired Shakil to sing Nazrulgeeti. Shakil's mother, Nilufar Khayer, herself a student of Rabindrasangeet in Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts - BAFA, was involved with Chayanot as well.

Shakil has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Leeds University, London, UK.

Nilufar Yasmin (1948-2003) was an extraordinary skilled singer across many genres - Nazrulgeeti, Bangla Kirtan, Indian Classical Vocal, as well as songs of Atulprasad, Dwijendralal and Rajanikanta, even Puratoni, Tappa, and Thungri. Nilufar was equally adept at Bengali Modern songs.

Shakil and Nilufar Yasmin : Bangladesher Hridoy Hote Vol 1

"Bangladesher Hridoy Hote"  (UD Series, Kolkata) is a wonderful album showcasing the immense talent of these two leading singers from Bangladesh. The Nazrulgeeti album has the following songs:


01. Mago Chinmoye Rup Dhare
02. Mamo Mayamoy Swapane
03. Sonar Hindol
04. Futlo Sandhamanir Ful
05. Dolano Chapa
06. Kache Aamar Naibaele
07. Ghar Bhulano Sure
08. Antare Tumi Aacho Chiradin
09. Khle Nandera Aanginai
10. O Ke Udasi Benu Bajai
11. Megha Megha Andha
12. Barasha Oei Elo Barasha
13. Bedana Biuhal
14. Varia Paran Shunitechi Gaan

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