Kangana Ranaut - Hrithik Roshan Case: Cops not coming for Kangana - Lawyer

By Priyanka Basu, Everymedia

Hrithik Roshan (WBRi File Photo)
Hrithik Roshan (WBRi File Photo)

Mumbai, April 18 - Advocate Rizwan Siddiquee states that "I have been receiving calls from media persons since last 2 hours. They have been told by Hrithik Roshan's PR team that Police is coming to meet Kangana today. That's a blatant lie as no one is visiting Kangana, as has been communicated by Hrithik's team. My client is not a coward to disappear suddenly. We have always been handling the matter legally and without any fear."

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"Hrithik's PR team is just misleading media persons for obvious reasons. He should rather concentrate on acting on my counter notice or responding to it, as it has been more than 45 days since he received it."

"Such acts of misleading media persons shows acts of desperation. Hrithik never bothered about any imposter in the last about 2 years, how has it become so important now. Hrithik did what he had to do, now he should wait patiently as law will take its own course," he added.