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By Gargi Mandal Mukherjee

Gargi Mandal Mukherjee - Poetess & Photographer
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What is this poetry I write
I never get it right
The sunshine just out of sight
Clouded by the burden
Of words that harden
Into clots of ink, pardon
My startled attempts
By floating them
In shrouds of prose
And never a summer rose.

There is a mist in my eyes
Murmuring meaningless cries
Shaking out a tear that dries
Deserted by its dream
Even before it may seem
Dissolved into a stream
That momently flows
Lingering like light
Into a sea that might
Sink all ships one night.

It is my love
I grow with care
Someday it may bloom
And give me some room
To cast anchor
And step ashore
To settle my sorrow
In a vision, a grail,
A tomorrow…

Till then, I shall sail…

Gargi Mandal Mukherjee - Poetess & Photographer GARGI MANDAL – MUKHERJEE  is currently a resident of Somerville, New Jersey, USA. Hailing from Kolkata, India, she whiles away her leisure by arresting the mesmerizing moments of life in words and photographs. Gargi can be contacted at gargikm@gmail.com.

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