Jayeeta Banerjee|Bangla Kobita Abritti|Bengali Poetry Recitation|Bengali Elocution

Jayeeta has been doing recitation since her childhood. She has participated in various cultural programmes. She has beenJayeeta Banerjee also anchoring stage shows and performances since 2000 and does a lot of script reading as a presenter of shows on a regular basis.
Recitation is her first love & she is quite passionate about it. Her dream is to do something related to her passion. She had participated in “youth parliament competition” organized by West Bengal government in 2005 when she was in school & was rewarded. She has won several recitation competitions also.  Now she is working at a radio station - Radio One 94.3 FM.
Jayeeta’s aim in life is to prove herself in broadcasting media through her recitation & anchoring. She can be contacted at banerjeejayeeta@ymail.com.

 Meghbalikar Jonno Rupkatha - Joy Goswami