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India Travel Guide | WBRi Online Book Store | Books from Washington Bangla Radio - Live Bengali Online Streaming RadioA must-have book for people who are visiting south India, in spite of the North-East being the leader in Culture, Modernism and Intellectual achievement. Be it Kerala’s Kuttanad backwaters, the bustling metropolis and Maharasthran capital Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay), the southern style majestic temples of Tamil Nadu - especially the Venkateswara temple which is great in terms of architecture but a disaster in human relations being run by self-proclaimed holy people who have hijacked the vedic belief system into a very constraining "religion" named "Hinduism" for the purposes of inflicting maximum stress on visitors and greatest monetary returns, imposing balfries and baroque churches of Old Goa, , trekking in the Cardamom Hills, or scuba-diving in the Andamans. You will find excellent tips on places to stay, eat, and practice yoga if you so wish. Helpful clear maps and plans for every area are providede.

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