How Meet Bros found their Biggest Fan

By Krupa Sarup

Meet Bros with Manager Bipin Grewal at Madison Square Garden   Read more:  Via Washington Bangla Radio®  Follow us: @tollywood_CCU on Twitter
Meet Bros with Manager Bipin Grewal at Madison Square Garden

Mumbai, June 2 - It truly was an amazing sight when a relatively unknown Wasim Khathri  begun creating instant buzz with a video that could be seen trending in the profiles of A - List Celebrities on twitter.

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A die Hard Fan of the musical duo Meet Bros, Wasim’s 5 minute rendition of Meet Bros’ ‘Shirt Da Button’ won him praise and applause across the twitosphere. Yet the happy and cheerful individual we see dancing to Sonu Nigam’s Vocals, owed a major part of his high spirits to Meet Bros.

“A while back we received a word from Wasim’s parents” said Manmeet. “His parents were extremely worried and scared about Wasim’s streak of depression” he said.

“We immediately headed over to Wasim’s house.” said Harmeet. There they were greeted by his parents who led them to Wasim’s room. A tired, depressed and unhappy Wasim was in no mood to entertain any company.

Yet when he heard Meet Bros Call out to him from behind his closed door, it was like life had reached out and grabbed his hand from a bottomless pit. Finding a new vigour and strength in himself helped him in putting together this massively talked about fan video that he dedicated to The Meet Bros

“We really appreciate the time and effort that you put into making this video Wasim” said Harmeet as they watched his rendition of ‘Shirt da Button’. “ I know how difficult it can be putting a project together, and in our opinion, YOU WASIM, ARE A FAN EVERY ARTIST WOULD WANT”  said Manmeet excitedly.

Wasim can now be seen proudly sharing his creation across twitter as the likes of Sonu Nigam and Riteish Deshmukh share their enthusiasm on how well put together the video is.

Watch Wasim’s video:

Also watch Meet Bros Responding to Wasim’s video.