Hot Sonnalli Seygall’s Lost and Found Affair

By Krupa Sarup

Hot Indian Bollywood Actress Sonnalli Seygall
Sonnalli Seygall

Mumbai, March 2 - Sonnalli Seygall had a rather hectic night at the Zee Cine Awards ceremony. The hot actress was seated on the second row and was nicely sitting back and enjoying the evening until she realized that someone had swiped her phone.

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While she started looking around, people around noticed the panic on her face and immediately showed concern. Everyone was on a hunt,  and someone pointed out at a man who was clicking pictures around and appeared rather suspicious.

Noticing that he was driving attention, the man quickly fled it to the crowd. While someone had to save the day, so appeared Salman Khan who made an entry and with him came the paparazzi and to Sonnalli’s surprise, that suspicious man was back to click Salman’s pictures.

Sonnalli and her manager quickly noticed the guy and further interrogated him only to find Sonnalli’s phone back and there it was in his pocket.

Talking about the incident, Sonnalli said, “Once the phone was flicked, I really didn't expect to get it back. Its all thanks to the people around, including my manager, who were so adamant and proactive about getting it back. It’s funny how Salman came to my rescue, yet again.”

So this is how the evening ended for Sonnalli, on a rather pleasant note! Not everyone has such lucky encounters.