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Hindu Devotional Songs CD SalesRama Basu sings Sanskrit Stotra Songs accompanied by excellent instrumental music composition sure to uplift your spirit and bring peace and relaxation to your heart. Rama demonstrates excellent diction and Sanskrit pronounciation in these Sanskrit Bhajans.

The devotional bhaktiyog stotras are:
1. Shri Ganesh Dhyanam
2. Shri Surya Bandana
3. Gayatri Pranam & Shri Shri Ganga Stotram
4. Shri Shiva Stotram
5. Shri Shri Chandi Stotram
6. Shri Shri Saraswati Stotram
7. Shri Krishna Stotram
8. Shri Shri Radha Stotram & Shri Mahanam Kirtanam
9. Shri Shri Bhabanyastokom
10. Shri Nabagraha Stotram
11. Shri Shri Narmada Stotram
12. Shri Shri Mahalakshmi Stotram & Shri Kuber Stotram
13. Shri Guru Stotram
14. Shri Ramnam Kirtanam
15. Shri Shri Aadya Stotram
16. Shanti Bachanam

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