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Summary of Services offered by Washington Bangla Radio® on Internet (WBRi)WBRi Washington Bangla Radio Official Logo

  • The oldest global Bengali internet online Radio channel broadcasting classic and contemporary Bengali and Indian music and content 24x7
  • Electronic and online promotion of movies in USA and Canada (Bengali / Tollywood, Hindi / Bollywood, Regional Indian and Hollywood films)
  • Online global digital sales and distribution of audio and video via own Digital media store and partner Video-On-Demand and secure digital Video delivery services
  • Features and profiles on artistes, albums, films and entertainment and media personalities from Bengal and India
  • Interviews (audio, video) of entertainment and showbiz personalities (music, films, art, culture)
  • Event publicity and online media partnerships; live event coverage (live audio and video web-casting)
  • Online Magazine - Literary and Creative Arts & Writing  (English and Bengali stories, poems, travelogues, reviews etc.)
  • Entertainment news, reviews and press releases
About Washington Bangla Radio® on Internet (WBRi)

WBRi Washington Bangla Radio Official Logo Washington Bangla Radio® is a registered trademark of WBRi Inc.

Washington Bangla Radio®, a registered trademark and service of WBRi Inc. incorporated in the State of Maryland, USA,  is a deeply respected technology pioneer with a long list of ground-breaking internet firsts, including the first Internet Bangla Radio, the first Bengali Online Music Store, the first live concert internet broadcast from India, and so on. is also a news website covering Bollywood, Hollywood and Indian Regional Films with a special emphasis on Bengali Cinema. For over six years WBRi has been publishing exclusive interviews with the biggest singers, musicians, film stars from Kolkata (Calcutta) and the world. WBRi covers all established and upcoming Bengali artists, musicians, albums, cinema releases with promo, trailer, stills and reviews. The goal of WBRi is to promote Bengali Music and Films worldwide. Our Tollywood Bengali Film News and Reviews are the original, most respected Bangla Cinema Blog, emulated by many other web-sites since its inception but never matched ! Broadcast your new albums on our live Bangla radio for global promotion, sell your music as digital downloads from our exclusive online store, promote your movies to our global audience via our exclusive movie news and announcement service, and contact us if you wish to explore ELECTRONIC PROMOTION and DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION of your Bengali films in USA and Canada. WBRi broadcasts under direct license from record companies, and is also the internet's first 100% legal Bengali music streaming and MP3 download web-site.

Reach Us

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Regular Independent Contributors

WBRi accepts and publishes submissions from media partners and many other talented content writers, creative writers, singers, musicians and movie personalities on a freelance basis. If you wish to become a contributor to a web-site that is viewed between 10,000 to 40,000 times every day, send an e-mail with your background and experience in entertainment journalism to If we happen to have open positions, we will contact you.

Advertising on WBRi

WBRi is visited tens of thousands of times every day and is a authorized Google News site (i.e. posts on Washington Bangla Radio™ are considered news items similar to posts on New York Times, Washington Post, London Times of London etc.), and is easily among the top web-sites in the entire world from among billions of web-sites and online services (reference). Our visitors comprise of Non-resident Bengalis and Indians - the "model minority" in the United States - famous for the highest median incomes and greatest education levels in the United States. Of course, our online services are not constrained by the boundaries of USA and are of global reach.

WBRi's services are deeply respected and have a well-earned reputation for quality among Non-Resident Indians and Indian Entertainment organizations. WBRi is regarded for the accuracy, breadth and originality of it's services, and appreciated for providing genuine value-added services to listeners, web-site visitors and commercial organizations in India and USA doing business in the Music, Film, Television and Entertainment industries. With tie-ups with all major record companies and film-producers in Bengal, WBRi has the unique poisiton of being the only web-site operating in the Bengali music broadcast and film industries that offers technology verticals that are unmatched.

All advertisers on WBRi are carefully reviewed and monitored for quality and relevance. If you wish to promote your products and services to over 2 million NRIs in the USA and many more millions globally, refer to our advertisement rate sheet here and get in touch with us at

How do I listen to Washington Bangla Radio® ?

This website has prominent links to Channels 1 and 2 of broadcast. Clicking on the links opens pop-up player windows with built-in Macromedia Flash technology enabled real-time audio stream players. Any web browser that supports Flash is capable of tuning into the audio streaming channels.

How can I listen to your Kolkata (Calcutta) Bengali Online Radio on my cell phone ?

We are a technology pioneer, and the only Bengali radio channel available on Cell phones with a internet data service. Please

see our Cell Phone FAQ for more information.

How can I get interviewed or featured by Washington Bangla Radio® ?

Our primary goal is to provide global exposure to Bengali artistes and musicians. Please do not hesitate to use the Contact link in the Navigation menu to send us your biography, pictures and digital media samples - we will contact you and work with you to publish a feature on you, including possibly interviewing you.

Is this station legal ?

Yes - 100% legal ! Washington Bangla Radio® broadcasts music under license from the record companies and independent artists and performs. It is 100% legal - probably the first Bengali streaming radio station that is so. We do not only embed widgets from eSnips, Metacafe, You Tube etc. and claim legality like some other spam web-sites do.

TRADEMARK NOTICE: The trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on the Web Site are registered and unregistered trademarks of WBRi Inc, its affiliates and others. You can view trademarks owned by WBRi Inc. on Trademarkia at this link. Nothing contained on this Web Site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on this Web Site without the written permission of WBRi Inc. or such third party that may own the trademark displayed on this Web Site. Your misuse of the Trademarks displayed on this Web Site, or any other content on this Web Site, except as provided herein, is strictly prohibited.

How do I download the audiophile quality MP3 songs advertised on your site ?

Simply head to our store to download latest Kolkata and India albums instantly: WBRi Online Digital Download Store >

In addition, also check out fabulous deals on Music, Movies, DVD, Blu-Ray and Books and antiques and collectibles on our affiliate stores:

WBRi Amazon Affiliate Store >

WBRi eBay Affiliate Store >

I am an artiste / performer / elocutionist - can you air my content ?

Of course ! If your content is original and independent (i.e. you have not signed off the rights to a recording company), send us your recordings in digital format along with a note stating you hold the copyright and permit us to air your content, and we will gladly do so. In fact, our station now airs a significant proportion of independent content.

I represent a record company and wish to promote our albums through you - what do I do ?

We put up your albums for sale from our revolutionary online digital store and get into a profit sharing agreement with you, and broadcast your content per your direction. The low-bitrate low-quality radio stream is designed to attract customers to our store. Please contact us using the Contact link for more information.

I represent a Movie / TV Serial production company and wish to promote our movies / TV Serials on your site / radio - what do I do ?

We publish latest Bengali, Indian Regional, Bollywood and Hollywood movie, entertainment, TV Serial news and gossip via our immensely popular and light-hearted blog. Use the Contact link in the Navigation menu to send us your press releases, electronic press kit, information, digital poster preview trailer etc. media and we will post them pronto !

How can I contribute to your popular online Bengali Magazine section ?

Your original creative writings, paintings, travelogs, reviews etc. are most welcome. We do not ask for exclusivity. If your creations have already been published by others, make sure they do not have exclusivity on your creations. Your creations in our Bengali Online Magazine section will be published. Please contact us using the Contact link for more information.

Is my personal account information secure ?

We care about your privacy, and our published Privacy Policy is available here.

How do I contact you ?

Click on the Contact link in the navigation menu.

I am curious - what can you tell me about the status of your radio servers ?

Click here for our Server Status Page.