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Gopal Bandopadhyay, a singer and scholar of Bengali Music, tells us about the richness & history of various sub-genres of Bengali Folk & Tribal and presents 16 songs of different kinds of Tribal & Folk Music of Bengal in his own voice : listen online free. Also watch a free online video of Gopal Bandopadhyay in live concert.

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A Few Streams of Bengali Folk Songs
By Gopal Bandopadhyay

Listen to different kinds of Bengali Folk & Tribal Songs Online:

  1. Podaboli Kirtan Giti
  2. Probhati Anger Gan
  3. Bhadu
  4. Zari
  5. Agamoni
  6. Hasan rajar Gaan
  7. Baidyar Gaan or Bede-Bedenir Gaan
  8. Dhaan Katar Gaan
  9. Tusu Parab er gaan
  10. Nimai Sanyas
  11. Alkap
  12. Baishnab Baul
  13. Nailar Gaan
  14. Gambheera
  15. Dehatatwa
  16. Manasha Mangal

Bengali folk songs are rich in variety. Different places have been responsible for producing their own songs the simple customs, festivals, religions, beliefs, passions have found an eloquent ventilation in the melodious soulful tunes of ordinary men and women. So these varieties of songs are rooted to the place, the people and their philosophy and way of life. They are the rich treasure to be zealously treasured by any nation. The dominant streams of folk songs:


This songs has its birth in different parts of North Bengal Such as Jalpaiguri, CochBehar, Rangpur. This songs is chiefly based on fast beats and light superficial Subject- matters of daily life.


Belongs to chhotonagpur, Santhalpargana, Bankura, purulia. This song is presented in accompaniment with music. Flute and madol ( a kind of drum hanging from neck) are its musical instruments. Hard struggle of life, joy’s and pains love and languishment are its essential ingredients.


It is basically familiar as a marriage song belonging to Srihatta and Bangladesh. It is a form of dance and song dominated by women.


This song is related to reverside life of Bangladesh & other regions. This form of chorus song is sung on a faster beat to enthuse the participants in the fiercely competitive game known as “ Baich” Played in yachts in the rivers.


Famous folk song of north Bengal it is mainly based on idea of love and union pain and separation the principal features of this love and song is that it requires a broken staccato voice and is sung in a tremulous voice mixed with a philosophy of stoicism.


MOST POPULAR FORM OF FOLK AMONG ALL THE PEOPLE EVEN BELONGING TO THE URBAN AREA. THIS SONG SPRINGS from the heart- strings of oarsmen and fishermen exercising an unfailing tag / pull at our soul. This is “solo” in performance chiefly born of love and separation “ Bhatiali” rings with the sense of unfulfilled in one’s life. Played in accompaniment with “ Dotara” particularly when the boat is smoothly gliding over the river during high tide.


Muslim “pir” and “Fakir” ( mendicant & mentor’s ) are inseparably linked with this song.

WBRi Exclusive video of Gopal Bandopadhyay performing live on June 23, 2005:

Here are some songs by Gopal Bandopadhyay:

Gopal Bandopadhyay performing at a Memorial for poet Binay Majumder (click to enlarge).

It is very often observed by us that an artist , to whichever stream of art he may belong to, is blessed with nourishment by the atmosphere of his family, Gopal Bandopadhyay was born in 1956 in Barasat, 24 pgs (N), west Bengal and grew up with his elder brother and Sister. His father is Late Bholanath Bandopadhyay and mother late Renubala Bandopadhyay. His father had always been an unfailing source of inspiration to Gopal regarding his training in music. Gopal is no exception to this ago-old trend. As a vocal artist having mastery over Baul songs of Birbhum and Bhowaiya - Chatka of North Bengal region he had his initial grooming in the hands of his father, renowned kirtania Sri Bholanath Bandopadhyay. The fulfillment of his father’s teachings did not take long to materialize and Gopal was very soon recognized and appreciated as a competent singer of Baul, Kirtan, Bhowaiya, Bhatiali, Lalan, Hasan Raja, Goyalparia, Mahut-Mai-Shal and Murshida Songs.

Gopal’s elder brother Gobinda Bandopadhyay, a celebrated classical singer and a well-known teacher of classical music lent his lasting contribution to Gopal’s growth as a singer. Gobinda would always think highly of Gopal’s future prospects in music and would always encourage him to work hard to realize his goal of becoming a singer one day.

For the last twenty five years or so Gopal has been following the cultivation and culture of folk songs of most varieties with a special emphasis on Baul and Bhowaiya as already narrated. He has over the years presented himself at a number of important programs organized by the well-known centers of the Calcutta city and the districts. They are Book Fair, 24 Parganas (North), UCRC Golden Jubilee celebration Bangla Academy Programme, Banga sanskriti Utsab, Bangla Sangit Fair etc. It is worth mentioning that Gopal’s commitment to his music is total and uncompromising. He remains engaged in searching for the roots of folk music in the nooks and corners of rural Bengal. He misses no opportunity to visit and attend all the important fairs and festivals where folk songs find a pride of place. Many are they in number from whom Gopal has learnt a lot and imbibed a whole tradition of folk culture in his baggage. And he always sincerely tries to preserve the pristine glory of folk tunes which are now-a-days very often adulterated by the consumerism of a decadent urban culture.

As Gopal sincerely wants to promote the growth and development of folk and tribal music in the state, he has for a long time been an avid and enthusiastic member of West Bengal Folk Artist and Tribal Artist Association, 24 Parganas (North), Convener’s Committee & also member of Democratic Writers and Artist Society, W.B. Barasat Regional Unit.

As a folk singer, Gopal always thinks about the welfare and progress of ordinary men and women, that human beings should love one another, and that humanity should flourish under all circumstances on the earth.

So Gopal is still learning, still enriching himself, still perfecting and honing his skills and repertoire of folk music. And with sponsorship and patronage coming from the audience he will be able to uphold the endless variety and richness of the folk songs.

Gopal Bandopadhyay resides in Baluria Colony, near P. G. Bagan in Nabapally, Barasat.

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