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Gharana is a World Fusion band from Kolkata. We present WBRi Exclusive Live Concert Videos and original compositions by Gharana.

Gharana in Concert

The music which defines precise unification of the East & the West resulting in a mindblowing fusion presentation. Touching on the acoustics of the Indian Instruments with a unique touch of the Synths & Violin, it is influenced by the Western Instrumentals, African Djembe & the magical depth of the Indian Raagas. Gharana has a diversified taste ranging from the Indian Classical, Piano Instrumentals to the Synth-Pakhawaz combi & the complex Violin-Sitar-Djembe Trigalbandis.

Gharana performs researched work laden with Keyboards, Sitar, Tabla-Pakhawaz, Violin & Djembe, topped with Narayan’s expressive vocals.

Gharana warms up with soothing Themes/Bandanas & reaches its height with the electrifying stage performances & thus keeps the audience into an ethereal charm of its smoothly crafted Fusion sound design.

Gharana’s music has something special to convey to the people around the world.

The world is made up of so much different cultures, traditions, languages etc. etc. There is no end to these. Wherever you go & whatever you do, you see different things, you see the nature, scenaries, historical places, local people etc.. You enjoy for what you are seeing & feeling. You perhaps also feel proud the way you are. People travel around the world, but perhaps not everybody can understand perfectly the way foreigners try to represent themselves.

But, there is one common language. The language of Music. And Music speaks the language of the world. Only a tune has that universal power to tie everybody in a single string. So, lets come together to share & enjoy music with the fusion combinations of Gharana.


Gharana are:


  • Susnata of GHARANASusnata Har (Keyboards): Born in Kolkata,  his Father is retired from service, mother a School Teacher and a brother is pursuing Graduate school. Susnata was tutored by Pradip Dam and Late Amiyo Mondol. Susnata's eletronic synthesizers and keyboards control the base of every composition. His Electric Guitar & rhythmic Lead playing on the keys is noteworthy. Sus is lucky enough to have a grandmother like Dimma. Dimma cared for his musical mind & growth & presented him some of the killer weapons of the sound (Roland XP60, Korg X5D, Roland XP30 & Korg KARMA) one by one. It was a dream for a 24-year Indian boy to play such monster machines at such an early age. But it happened in reality only because of his passion for the synths & the zeal to become a dynamic keyboardist. And it was interpreted by his Dimma at the right time. Susnata is single and lives in Kolkata.

  • Rohan of GHARANARohan of GHARANARohan DasGupta (Sitar): Born in Kolkata to a Reporter father and a home-maker mother, Rohan's sister is an Eastern  Classical singer. Rohan's Sitar playing adds a new dimension to the overall idea in Gharana's compositions. It has a very soothing & 'out of the world' improvisations. His playing style, with the expectations of the human minds & the blending power of the 'beyond-the-imagination' tunes goes deep into the heart. Inspired & initiated into the world of music by Padmashree Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan (mentor of the great Jafferkhani baaj), Rohan belongs to the Indore Gharana. Since childhood he is receiving talim from Pandit Harashankar Bhattacharya (disciple of Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan saheb). Rohan is single and lives in Kolkata.

  • Ribhu of GHARANARibhu Chakraborty (Violin, Djembe): Also Kolkata born, Ribhu's father is a scientist and mother a school teacher. Ribhu's violin reminds something special of those notes & style of the international conductor-composer & violin virtuoso Shardad Rohani. After getting his preparatory classes in Italy, he moved to India. Ribhu tutored under Mihir Gupta. The unusually careful blending of his violin with Sitar & Percs is an area of spectacular pleasure. Ribhu is also an unusual expert on the African percussion. He easily gets into mood along with Sus's synthesized drum beats & adds an extraordinary flavour with his fingers on the Djembe. Ribhu is also single and lives in Kolkata.

    Gharana have a special thing to say about Ribhu: "Ribhu has a fantastic sense of humour & always keeps the band in a smiling face. When he gets excited with his violin, perhaps something goes on his mind & he becomes the centre for attraction. Susnata & Rohan also sometimes rekindle his humour heat."

  • Probir of GHARANAProbir of GharanaProbir Narayan (Tabla, Pakhawaz, Vocals): Born in Naihati, to a Father who has made his final spiritual voyage and a home-maker mother. Trained by Pt. Dilip Dhara, Pt. Rajeev Lochan Dey, Pt. Kumar Bose, Probir's vocals & percussions cover the remaining work of Gharana. He can sing & play his Tabla & Pakhawaz simultaneously with remarkable clarity & ease, a difficult feat, rare in the reach of renowned percussionists. Probir lives in Kolkata with his wife and son.


The forming of Gharana


After completing his Masters degree in Software Engineering, Susnata opted to go for his passion , i.e. music instead of going to any IT company. He joined the Birla Group as the Western Music Teacher. At his workplace he met his senior colleague Probir Narayan (percussionist of Birla Group). Both of them started jamming around different places of Kolkata as well as outside the city. They got huge response for their music. They also performed in different music festivals & were invited to perform Live in some well known auditoriums of Kolkata, like G.D. Birla Sabhaghar, Kalamandir, Sarat Sadan, Madhusudan Mancha etc. Their music made them travel to other places of India, like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune.

In 2007, Susnata started an online music broadcasting division (named codeM) from his website ( There a young guy named Rohan sent his sitar recitals. Susnata liked his music very much & one day he invited Rohan to come to his place. And the rest is what each & every person of Kolkata knows -- the powerful ‘Gharana Trio’.

In 2008, Gharana got an invitation from the Ambuja group to perform a Live concert at Swabhumi-The Heritage Plaza. April 20, 2008 was the day, when around 1,100 people gathered to watch the spectacular event on the courtyard ground of Swabhumi. Inspite of being a day of Indian cricket match & wedding ceremonies all over the city, the Synth-Sitar-Percs combi attracted a strong mass of 1,100 with their smoothly crafted Fusion sound design. The event was covered by press, TCS & an US website.

After that concert, they got offers for a telefilm. And as usual Gharana showed their perfection in background score also.

During the monsoon of 2008, Gharana got Ribhu, a friend of Rohan, who was highly inspired by Gharana’s sound architecture. Susnata gave him the break to be the violinist of the band. Susnata was attracted by Ribhu’s fantastic sense of congo playing and now-a-days Ribhu is slowly controlling the congo variations also.

On August 15, 2008, Gharana was invited by a noted Radio channel (MEOW 104.8 FM) of Kolkata for a 2 hour LIVE show & interview at the studio. In the studio, the 4 members were flooded with requests for playing music & answering to the queries of the young Kolkattans.

They are currently working on their upcoming concert of October 4, 2008.

And thus the band is going on …


Gharana's Advice for younger and upcoming singers

Follow your heart, do hard work, try to build yourself as a genuine human being & try to do something for the needy people of the world.


Pujo Concert, Kolkata, 10/4/2008

This Gharana concert was held on Oct 4, 2008 at Madhusudan Mancha in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. The tracks are:
  • Care of Dreams
  • Journey of a Mind
  • Steal the Night
  • The Megh
  • Tridhara
  • The Charm
  • Deep In Silence
  • Resonance

WBRi Exclusive

World Fusion Concert, Swabhumi, 4/20/2008

Care of Dreams




Journey of a mind

Tridhara (part 1)

Tridhara (part 2)

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