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Mr. Gautam Sanyal is a lyricist, composer and song-writer residing in Mumbai, India.

Gautam wants to run an experiment - how receptive is the current music audience to melodies in the style of the classic years of Bengali Music.

The result is the outstanding album SMRITI. Smriti is sure to strike a chord with those who miss melodies of golden age!

Smriti features songs written and composed by Gautam, and sung by Srikanto Acharya, Sreeradha Bandopadhyay, Indrani Sen and Amit Ganguly.

Here is Gautam Sanyal himself sharing his thoughts with us:

Here are audio previews (clips) of the tracks from Gautam Sanyal's album SMRITI. The complete album is available easily from Asha Audio.
  1. Aamar Moner Phutlo (Sreeradha)
  2. Aamar Noyoner Moni (Amit Ganguly)
  3. Hatchhani Te Dakhchhe Ma (Sreeradha)
  4. Jibon Cholte Chai (Amit Ganguly)
  5. Nil Nil Jamuna (Indrani Sen)
  6. Rang Berang-er (Indrani Sen)
  7. Sriti Esho Na (Srikanto Acharya)
  8. Sudhui To Abhijog (Srikanto Acharya)

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