Film and Entertainment Awards a Facade: Kangana Ranaut

By Joyline Rego

Kangana Ranaut plays Vidya in
Kangana Ranaut plays Vidya in "Shootout in Wadala" (WBRi File Photo)

Mumbai, January 12 (Washington Bangla Radio) - She shook the fashion world from Paris to Mumbai fifteen times in a year, entered the Rs. 100 Crore club, rubbed shoulders with the most powerful women of the world in London, won a national award and is now the highest paid Bollywood actress. As the year came to an end everyone in the industry was talking about the awards and award shows, and of course, the performer of the year Kangana Ranaut. However, the Queen of Bollywood does not believe in the concept of film awards and award shows or award nights.

Kangana Ranaut owns the year

Ranaut spoke up about the flurry of entertainment award nights and glamorous parties in the showbiz industry that seem to happen around the beginning of every year. She said, "I feel it’s hard to stand against the system. But most of the time, the right thing is not the easiest to do. And I choose the right thing. I feel that awards shows today are just a facade that the event organizers put up. They are not genuine awards functions. I understand that these are commercial functions that are meant to generate TRPs and make money. So why this facade of felicitating artistes when that isn’t the case?"

"Genuine artistes, like the best technicians, writers and actors are pushed to the tenth row, and sit with their families, hoping to figure out what’s going on with these fancy people, who are in the news for their relationships and item numbers. The main category goes to people who can help generate TRPs. And they might or might not even be deserving candidates. I feel this is not done and we need to change this. Organizers should be honest in saying that this is not an awards function; it’s just a function. I won’t be part of something so dishonest. I completely condemn them for that reason," Ranaut added.

Kangana Ranaut in Dolce and Gabbana
Kangana Ranaut in Dolce and Gabbana (WBRi File Photo)

The fifteen times last year Kangana Ranaut shook the fashion world

It appears the talented actress does not need an award or a trophy to justify her talent, and instead prefers her work speak for itself. Her fans are eagerly waiting to watch her play the role of a Broadway star in upcoming Hindi film Rangoon where her co-stars are Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.