Dwijen Mukherjee | Bangla Adhunik Gan / Modern Bengali Songs | Audio CD

This Bengali Modern / Bangla Adhunik Songs album contains the following songs by the great Romantic Nostalgia / Golden-era / Swarnajug singer Dwijen Mukherjee. (The songs names are as in WBRi Online Affiliate CD Store, translated to English):

•  Seven-Strings Necklace Is for You
  •  Blushes Red Your Brow
  •  Your Sweet Eyes, May I Say
  •  I Will Return, Someday
  •  Oh! Beautiful Maiden, Your Beauty Flows On
  •  Waves of Youthful Beauty, Rocks to and Fro
  •  Heart Leaps Up
  •  Oh! Sweet Flower Champa Hear My Words
  •  Stars, by One and Two
  •  Many a Dream
  •  Oh! Beautiful Dark Damsel
  •  Amidst a Thousand Hearts
  •  Oh! Devine Krishna My Salutations
  •  Necktar Flows When My Mamma Smiles
  •  Oh! Again I Will Renew
  •  World Calls to Me
  •  Oh! Sweet and Melodious Pattering Rain

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