Do Lafzon Ki Kahani: Actress Kajal Aggrawal’s Research to Play Blind Girl

By Sana Topiwala, Everymedia

Actress Kajal Aggarwal

Mumbai, May 10 - Kajal Aggarwal, who plays a blind girl in Do Lafzon Ki Kahani , says, “I did a lot of research, read Hellen Keller’s books, watched a lot of reference films, went for workshops to XRCVC; a special branch of St Xaviers college, which helped me out quite a bit in terms of understanding life, mannerisms, daily activities and chores of the visually challenged. Dr Sam and Calveena were extremely helpful and gave me tremendous insight. They taught me basic Braille, made me familiar with various equipment used by visually impaired people like special computers, audio machines, microwaves, watches, cellphones too!”

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She adds that they also taught her the assisted walk technique, which helped her for her character. “Calveena made me practice walking with a stick with my eyes shut so that I get a genuine feel and body language of a blind person. That was a challenge as we have a natural tendency to instinctively use our eyes for various reactions. I had to control my eye movements and that was difficult as I’m a very hyper person. Throughout the film, I looked with both my eyes on either side! It was very draining emotionally as this is an extremely intense film with a plethora of emotional upheaval.”