DJ Rishi - Roop Kuwara | Sizzling Bombay Hindi Bollywood DJ Remix Songs | Listen to Free Samples | Online MP3 Instant Download

Bombay Hindi Bollywood DJ Dance Hip Hop Bhangra Remix Hot Songs Listen Free Online Download MP3Sizzling hot Bombay Hindi Bollywood Dance Hip Hop Bhangra Remix numbers by the great DJ RISH. The songs are:

  1. Roop Kuwara (Hip Hop)    A.M Singh    5:26
  2. Pag Patiala    Chiniyan    4:09
  3. Gidde Wich    A.M Singh    4:13
  4. Sajna    DJ Rishi    3:44
  5. Mayan    A.M Singh    7:24
  6. Mirza    A.M Singh    4:22
  7. Dil Wich    DJ Rishi    4:04
  8. Billo Ranyia    A.V. Tari    4:38
  9. Lehnga    Bob Saba    5:27
10. Roop Kuwara (Desi Mix)    A.M Singh    5:15

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