Dia Mirza's unique Mother's Day wish (Video)

By Priyanka Basu, Everymedia

Actress and Environment Activist DIA MIRZA
Dia Mirza (C) WBRi Inc.

Mumbai, May 9 - Dia Mirza is one of the loudest Champions of Nature in the country, and Dia Mirza took to Social media to pay a very special tribute to Mother Earth this #MothersDay!

Watch: Ganga - The Soul of India - Dia Mirza Debuts on TV

Dia, who recently made her television debut with Ganga - The Soul of India, urged fans via a special video message to take a pledge to protect and nurture Mother Earth just the way she has supported and nurtured us!

Shooting straight from the heart in the video, the actor recited a beautiful stanza she personally wrote.

Take a look. Watch Dia’s motivational message to all in the video here.