Daniel Phoenix Singh | Dakshina Dance Company | Indian Classical Dance with Social Justice Issues Mirroring Second Generation

Daniel Phoenix SinghDaskhina - Daniel Phoenix Singh Dance Company - was formed in 2004 by Daniel Phoenix Singh with the ambitious objective of weaving the primarily solo Classical Indian Dance form with the Group Dance forms of Modern Dance in uniquely choreographed artistic dance representations of contemporary social justice related perceptions and issues. The resulting Dance performances reflect the multiple identities of Second generation South Asian Americans (US born children of India born parents who migrated to the USA). Indian Dance Forms are generally solo, with the notable exception of the Bengali Tagore Dances and Bangla Tagore Dance Dramas, which are typically performed in group form as well as solo.

Daniel continues to learn Bharatnatyam from Guru Meena Telikicherla of Nrityanjali, Maryland. He has worked with leading exponents of the Indian Classical Dance form, like Guru Adayar K. Lakshman, Guru C.V. Chandrasekhar, Guru Jaya Chandrasekhar, and Guru Banumathi.Dakshina

His work in experimental choreography of world dance fusion is fascinating. In addition to South Asian Dance, he has, for example, experimented with Salsa and Merengue variations from Cuba and Columbia with Javier Varela and Shawn Malone.

Watch online: Cheza International Dance TV Show with Daniel Phoenix Singh and Aniruddhan Vasudevan with host Cathy Freeman (youtube):

You can read more about Dakshina & Daniel Phoenix Singh on their web-site at www.dakshina.org.

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