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TV Program Time: FRIDAYs, 7:30 PM IST

Channel [V] Launchpad

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Channel [v] Launchpad is back! The show that nitro-boosted Zero, Them Clones, Helga's Fun Castle, Zephyr, Pin Drop Violence and then The Superfuzz is now bigger and badder than ever.

This year, the search spans all boundaries of music. You could be a punk rock band from Shillong, a pop rock from Kolkata, or even a Malayali folk band from Kerala - [v] Launchpad 2009 is the common battle ground where each band has a chance to rise up.

The final 7 bands will fight it out in one big mad house, where they will be trained and judged on the basis of their musical prowess, originality and versatility as musicians.

If you think your band has the freshest sound in India, get ready to be mentored, tutored and hailed by the big daddy of Indian Rock - the relentless Vishal Dadlani.

Riffs, licks and drumsticks will fly as bands get eliminated in the search for the revolutionary new sound of Indian Rock.

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