Channel i Shera Kontho Top Six 2008 & Meridian Channel i Khude Gaanraj 2009

Shera Kontho 2008 Shera Chhoy Top Six Top 6
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The Shera Chhoy top 6 shera kontho finalists 2008 Channel i Shera Kontho Top Six are:

  • Md. Mahmudul Haque Imran
  • Champa Banik
  • Md. Yousuf Ahmed Khan
  • Zanita Ahmed Zhilik
  • Md. Animul Islam Romel
  • Sharmin Siddiqui are the Shera Chhoy

Channel i Shera Kontho Top Six is the number one talent search program in Bangladesh, in the pattern of the American Idol franchise. For the first time, the legendary singers Sabina Yasmin and Runa Laila will be judges for the Shera Chhoy top 6 shera kontho 2008.

On a separate note, the 11 year old Jewel Rana was declared the Meridian Channel i Khudey Gaanraj 2009. The finale was held at the National Women’s Sports Complex in Dhanmondi on February 13. Jhuma was the first runner up and Porshi was was the second runner up. About 30,000 people attended the finale of this national talent search program, in the pattern pioneered by the American Idol program in the United States.

Khude Gaanraj Meridian Channel i Jewel Rana Jhuma Porshi
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However, talent searches for youngsters put tremendous pressure on the child, often compounded by parent's well-meaning but harmful desire of making their child reach the number one position, sometimes at a great cost to the child's psychological and physical development. Parents in particular, and society in general, need to think deeply about the cost of pushing children to succeed in such TV shows, partly driven by TV producers endless search for highest TV rankings.