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West Bengal India

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Preview the following tracks free and download the Contemporary Bengali Modern Songs online in DRM-free high quality MP3 format from our Partner store. These albums are an indication that the Bengali Music industry is still alive and thriving with various young and upcoming singers trying their luck - some excellent, some not-so-good, but it is important that youngsters keep singing. Support our Bangla Gaan industry - buy legally and securely from WBRi Partner Stores.

Album: Modern Bengali Songs
Subhankar Bhaskar, Jagari Chatterjee, Santanu Roychowdhury
West Bengal or East India where East is West for Music and New Talents ...
1. Aej Swapner rong
2. Bashite bhangalo je ghum
3. Aek Sagar
4. Jhri jhiri brishti aelo
5. Koto din gayloje bashi
6. Gobhiro nishite keno    
7. Chuti aeye chutir dine
8. Aeya mone gane gane
9. Meghala Akash

Album: Kolkatar Item
Shreya Ghoshal, Parthajeet, Kumar Sanu, Chaitali.
1. Kolkaatar Item    Shreya Ghoshal
2. Ki Aparupa Tumi    Parthajeet
3. Janina Ki Karone    Kumar Sanu
4. Raat Din Mari Chabi    Parthajeet & Chaitali
5. Ja Re Ja Pakhi    Shreya Ghoshal
6. Akashe Poth Haraley    Parthajeet
7. To Mar Amar Prothon    Parthajeet & Chaitali
8. Ki Naame Daki Tomay  Parthajeet

Album: Ami Bhabini Ta
Pritha Mujumdar, Shrijeet, Tuhin Chakrabarti, Ananya Bhoumik, Indrani Mukherjee, Bobin, Tapas Kumar
1. Monta E Amar            Pritha Mujumdar - Shrijeet
2. Tumi Amar Priyotama    Tuhin Chakrabarti - Ananya Bhoumik
3. Ami To Sudhuye    Tuhin Chakrabarti - Ananya Bhoumik
4. Ek Din Tum Hobe    Shrijeet - Indrani Mukherjee
5. Elo Chule Take Dekhe    Bobin
6. Mela Milner Ek Tor    Tapas Kumar - Indrani Mukherjee
7. Here Here Here    Shrijeet - Pritha Mujumdar
8. Tomake Shei Gaan Shonai    Tuhin Chakrabarti

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