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Shobha De was born to a Marathi (Maharashtrian, i.e. from the State of Maharashtra in India, in which Mumbai, the capital city, is the seat of Bollywood Indian Hindi "Masala" Movies) Brahmin family. Her maiden name is Shobha Rajadhyaksha. Shobha was a successful model till the early seventies, after which she picked up the pen to write.

Since then, Shobaa Dey has  been a freelance writer and columnist for various journals, magazines and newspapers (she is the founder and Editor of the popular magazines Stardust, Society and Celebrity), as well as the author of quite a few interesting and occassionally controversial books, which are the subject of this WBRi Online Bookstore Special Focus.

Shobha has a degree in psychology from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.


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