BIDDING ADIEU | An English Poem by Shoumika Ganguli

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by Shoumika Ganguli

We meet new faces,
We make new spaces.
We hear new sound,
Realizing the new gems we found.

We walk the same road,
We feel the same load,
We criticise the same way,
These are new friends we say.

Waking up late every morning,
Hating the sun shining,
We end up getting late,
But we all have new excuses that we reiterate.

Attending classes had been a punishment,
Criticising the system was the hot argument,
Sleeping throughout the lectures,
Only to find myself in awkward postures.

A terrifying spell of nine to six,
A mind tired and sarcastic,
Walking back to our own rooms,
Realising the mess and saying, “I am destined to doom”.

When hunger takes us over,
When dinner is just another torture,
Nostalgic feeling creeps to bother,
Tears roll down thinking of the food served by my mother.

Sleeping late at night,
Chatting about our wars and fight,
Dancing with a special one to a symphony,
Only to realise it was a dream and wake upon a cacophony.

Finding a friend so rare,
Thanking god to fulfil the unanswered prayer,
Living and sharing every moment together,
Sitting idle and thinking of winning every race was the wonder.

When exam became the nightmare,
The pile of books smirked at me saying, “You dare!”
When studies became the labyrinth of complication,
Coffee was the only solution.

Together we walked every mile,
Together we stormed and created new style,
Together every battle resulted in win,
Together every problem seemed to lean.

Today the sun may not shine,
Today darkness may be on the line,
Today I may board a new train,
But today I say for u I’ll always remain.

I may fight a new battle,
But now I am grown up to handle,
The dilemma that I send,
Is why all good things come to an end?

The sea can never touch the sky,
I now wish that some more time from god I could buy,
Because the road I follow have thorns,
But I know for u I’ll be unscathed because you’ll always follow me to warn.

I know you are running out of fuel,
Next we’ll all prepare for a duel,
But you taught m to keep our heads high,
I promise to abide the vow till I die.

I may not see you anymore,
But vision is not the only criteria for residing in one’s heart’s core,
I promise to befriend you in every need,
And today I may falter but you can see as my heart bleeds.

Today is the end of a mile and we part,
Tears fill our eyes but every emotion will stay intact in our heart,
We again walk a new road saying,
I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep.

Shoumika Ganguli - Poetess - Washington Bangla RadioShoumika dedicates this poem to all students who are on the brink of leaving their eventful college life and now stepping onto a world of taking up not just responsibilities but challenges too. "Time and Tide waits for none” so new colleagues will replace old friends and bosses will replace hard-line and strict teachers. But amidst all these life like changes that’s every human being is destined too we all share something in common, from the worlds richest man to the poorest runs a chain i.e. the chain of emotions. Shoumika sees herself as just an apprentice so she may not very vividly and correctly justify all the emotions that run through one’s soul during farewells but she can surely feel a world loosing away from her and thus pen it down in a way that most of us would feel. Shoumika can be reached at gangulitina1988 [at]

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