BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom Teaser Trailer Released

By Vinci Manchanda

BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom Film Poster

Mumbai, Dec 30 (Washington Bangla Radio) - The first teaser of the upcoming new Hindi comedy film BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom reveals four naughty characters and two crooks in "one Kick-Ass Film". Naturally, the four most experienced actors of the film – Manoj Pahwa, Seema Pahwa, Brijendra Kala and Yashpal Sharma - play the ‘4 Naughty Characters’ having interesting names Lovely Bhai Khanna, Moti Bagga, Neelam Khanna and Babbu Khan. New actors play the role of crooks.

“We released two animated posters for the film and both received amazing response from the industry as well as the fans. So we thought this is the best time to cash in on the success of the posters," said director Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om’.

Chaturvedi's Bolo Ram explored a mother-son relationship where the son eventually mothers the mother in the absence of male family members. The different kind of film starring Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Padmini Kohlapure, Rishi Bhutani, Disha Pandey, Govind Namdeo, Manoj Pahwa, Rajpal Yadav and more is still remembered by astute Indian film lovers.

Interview: Padmini Kohlapure and others on Bolo Ram

The best part of the 30-second teaser of Rakesh Chaturvedi's new film is its energetic background music. Manoj Pahwa’s struggle with his motions and his fart, Seema’s weird laughter, Kala’s ‘O Teri’ and Sharma’s uncomfortable expressions along with shocked look of the two crooks showcase the quirk factor of the film.

"The four most experienced actors of our cast also have the most interesting parts and that’s what we tried to capitalize through this teaser. The standard of comedy films in the industry has been going down recently and through this teaser we want to bring to the audiences’ notice  that a quality light-hearted comedy is ready to welcome them," Chaturvedi added.

The heroine of the film is strangely missing from the teaser, but Chaturvedi said, “Our heroine is the surprise package of the film and so we have intentionally kept the heroine of our film away from this teaser. But Later, she will definitely be one of the stars."

The film also features Ujjwal Rana, Inshika Bedi, Benjamin Gilani among others and is produced under the banners of 9 Production, GM Film Production and RCOM Productions.

BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom is set to hit big screens on the release date of 5th February. Watch the teaser trailer.