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Baul Akra, Santiniketan, West Bengal

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Bhaskar Roy Bhaskar Roy was born on the 19th of October, 1965, in Jhargram in the district of West Midnapore, West Bengal. His father, Late Ansuman Roy was a renowned and immensely popular Bengali Folk singer, and his mother, Late Kamala Roy was the main inspiration behind his father's work. Bhaskar's younger brother, Antar Roy, is a musician (guitarist) and sister Meita Roy lives in Mumbai with her family. Bhaskar's parents are his main source of inspiration.

Bhaskar Roy and Ansuman Roy Bhaskar has been listening to music right from early childhood because of his father Ansuman Roy's profession. The want of being a singer himself grew with his age. He was backed by his mother's support and father's guidance, which were instrumental in getting him all the success he has today.

Bhaskar's father, Ansuman Roy, was his first and only teacher. He wanted Bhaskar to carry forward his unfinished work of bringing folk music in a simple form much closer to the hearts of the masses.

Bhaskar Roy with Mithun Chakraborty

Bhaskar's father always thought that Bhaskar's tonal quality was an added advantage, and Bhaskar remembers with fondness his father's opinion that Bhaskar was a late learner. His parents, specially his mother foresaw that Bhaskar would be the greatly successful that he is today.

Bhaskar Roy Bhaskar is happily married for 14 years and has a beautiful 11-year old daughter Ambika who is also into music and dance. Bhaskar's wife, Saromita, who is a home-maker, has also been a pillar of support and strength in all the ups and downs in life.

Bhaskar Roy In his songs ,compositions and writings Bhaskar likes to express the feelings of an ordinary person - the joys, sorrows, emotions, love, frustrations, wants, relations and such; in short, the different spheres of life.

Bhaskar has been in this profession from 1990 and traveled far and wide. All his performances have given him immense pleasure, satisfaction, love, affection and blessings from his audience and fans. Bhaskar feels privileged and blessed. He feels very happy and sometimes gets surprised at the same time when he sees people cheering him when he sings "Dada Paye Pori Re", "Sanjhe Phonte Jhinga Phool" and such classics of his father Ansuman Roy in the genre of Folk and Tribal music of Bengal - sometimes he even has to repeat the songs many times on audience demand.

Bhaskar Roy

Advice for young and upcoming Singers: The foremost piece of advice for young & upcoming singers would be to first learn the basics of music, respect your job & elders, not to get carried away easily by fame.

Bengali Folk and Tribal songs by Bhaskar Roy:


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