Bengali Lullaby - José Rubén De León | A Fascinating World Fusion Album, Pure Bliss - Reflective, Meditative, Peaceful. Soothing

JOSÉ RUBÉN DE LEÓN: Bengali Lullaby BENGALI LULLABY is a traditional chant from India that touches one on all levels, gently allowing for the soothing and nourishing of body, mind and spirit. The peaceful and hypnotic lullaby is sung in Bengali, English and Spanish and plays continuously for 32 minutes. Perfect for massage with infants and children. Also ideal for meditation, relaxation, energy work and dance.

BENGALI LULLABY is performed and produced by Certified Instructor of Infant Massage, José Rubén De León. De León has studied the art of physical communication and how the presence of soothing vocals and gently synthesized rhythmic tracks not only enhance, but also sustain an abundant presence of peace in both babies and adults alike.

BENGALI LULLABY's viola and percussion instruments produce an exquisitely beautiful melody behind the vocals, creating the perfect balance for a massage session of loving touch and uninterrupted physical communication. Since its release, De León has been approached by several grateful infant massage instructors who had long searched for the right music that promotes a tender spirit and allows for a connection between the adult and child - and BENGALI LULLABY is it!
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