Bengali Childrens' Songs | Chotoder Bangla Gaan. WBRi Exclusive Online Audiophile MP3 Download Album Release. Hear Free Samples.

Bengali Childrens Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Chotoder Bangla Gaan | Bengali Lullabys | Nazrulgeeti

Bengali Childrens Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Chotoder Bangla Gaan | Bengali Lullabys | Recitation | Kobita Abritti | Nazrulgeeti

Looking for Bengali Childrens' Songs / Lullabys in Bangla / Chotoder Gaan ? Check this exclusive WBRi album release - listen to free samples online and download the entire album in audiophile quality instantly.

PRAJAPATI PRAJAPATI is an extraordinary collection of  Bengali songs & Bangla Poem Recitation for children of compositions by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Music directed by the famous composer / instrumentalist Dilip Roy. The songs have been performed by a great team of young singers that your kid will immediately identify with.  The songs are:

1. Prajapati Prajapati - Shinjini Chakraborty, Sudipa Das and Chorus
2. Shukno Patar - Shinjini Chakraborty and Chorus
3. Lichu Chor - Piali Ganguli
4. Rum Jhum  Jhum Jhum - Chorus
5. Matku Maity - Piali Ganguli
6. Chamke Chamke - Barnali Moitra, Sudeshna Ganguli and Choras
7. Momer Putul - Sudipa Das and Chorus
8. Aami Jar Nupurer - Barnali Bhattacharjee, Sudeshna Ganguli and Chorus
9. Khuki O Kathberali - Piali Ganguli
10. Kheliche Jalodebi - Hoimonti Biswas, Amrita Mukherjee and Chorus
11. Mora Aki Brinte - Piali Ganguli
12. Dur Dipo Basini - Sudeshna Ganguli and Chorus

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