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FELUDA | Washington Bangla Radio | Online Book StoreSatyajit Ray introduced the world to Feluda (ফেলুদা in Bengali) in 1965 in the legendary Bengali childrens' magazine Sandesh. Pradosh Chandra Mitter (or Prodosh C Mitter), aka Felu-da, along with Tintin, Asterix, The Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators (Pete Crenshaw rocked!), etc. - all of these are a part of my generation who grew up in the 1970s - and perhaps a couple of later generations as well. I am not so sure that is still the case, given the regrettable ascent of Bollywood, and recently the Indian subcontinent being associated with slums as well as snake charmers and maharajas (though I don't mind the Maharaja of Gaipajama variety, though.)

In any case, our favorite residents of 27, Rajani Sen Road, Kolkata 700019, and Gar Par in Calcutta (where Satyajit Ray himself grew up) have participated in 35 odd stories written by Ray. Fortunately, they have been translated to languages other than Bangla, including English and French.

For those visitors who have landed here via an unrelated search, Wikipedia has an excellent article on the bright sleuth Feluda, his assistant & cousin Topshe, writer & buddy Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu and Satyajit Ray's masterful weaving of detective stories around various nefarious characters around the modern young private investigator.

FELUDA | Washington Bangla Radio | Online Book StoreThe Complete Adventures of Feluda, Vol. 1 & 2

Penguin has published the entire collection of Feluda stories, in a chronological order, in these two volumes.The volumes trace the emergence of Feluda from an unknown amateur crime investigator to a professional famous detective.

The Complete Adventures of Feluda
By Satyajit Ray, Gopa Majumdar, Chitrita Banerji
Published by Penguin Books, 2003
ISBN 0141000147, 9780141000145
776 pages

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