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Online Bengali Books | Store | affiliate"Incident on the Kalka Mail" is a top-notch Feluda novel by Satyajit Ray, translated into English by Gopa Mazumder and published by Puffin Books, this is actually the Feluda Bengali Novel "Baksho Rahosshyo" which is the second Feluda novel with Jatayu / Lalmohan Ganguly. Baksho Rahasya was made into a New Bengali Movie of the same name by Sandip Ray, the son of Satyajit Ray (the English name for the movie is "A Mysterious Case" - I assume by "Case", a detective case as well a Suitcase are implied.)

In the intriguing story, two gentlemen on a train inadvertantly (or at least so in the first glance) end up with their suitcases (luggage) swapped. One of the suitcases (Baksho) contains an invaluable manuscript, the importance of which was largely unknow to the owner of that suitcase. Nefarious elements try to obtain that priceless manuscript, and Feluda has to deploy the full powers of his cranium and fire-power to keep them at bay.

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