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Latest New Bengali Adhunik Bangla Modern Song Album Mp3 Download ReleaseThe Best Of Kumar Sachin Deb Burman

WBRi exclusive album release: Download the 21 S D Barman songs online in Audiophile Quality MP3 format. Listen to free samples.

Born on the first day of October in 1906 to a royal family in the eastern state of Tripura in India, Sachin Deb Burman (SD Burman), affectionately called Dada Burman, was at the top of the Hindi and Bengali film music and modern (adhunik) songs genres in his time. He was also spectacularly successful in Music diretion in Hindi and Bengali movies. His father, Nabadip Chandra Dev Burman, was the Prince Komilla of Tripura, himself an excellent Sitar player and Dhrupad singer. SDB received his initial training from his dad.

Barman was instrumental in promoting Asha Bhosle in the music industry as a singer and alternative to Lata Mangeshkar. partly driven by conflicts with Mangeshkar. Burman passed away in 1975, but his legacy lived on with his son Rahul Dev Burman (RDB) establishing himself as a musical powerhouse in his own right.

Latest New Bengali Adhunik Bangla Modern Song Album Mp3 Download ReleaseINRECO has released the fantastic album "THE BEST OF KUMAR SACHIN DEV BURMAN" containing 21 of his greatest timeless Bengali hits. The tracks are:


01. Tui Ki Shymer Banshi Rey [Lyricist - Jasimuddin]
02. Priyo Aajo Noy [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
03. Hai Ki Jey Kori E Mono Niya [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
04. Godhulir Chhayapathey [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
05. Nishithey Jaiyo Phulo Boney [Lyricist - Robin Majumdar]
06. Katha Kao Dao Saraa [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
07. Rangila Rangila Rangila Rey [Lyricist - Dukhai Khandakar]
08. Tomari Sathey Shurey [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
09. Madhu Brindaboney [Lyricist - Robin Majumdar]
10. Malaya Chalo Dhirey Dhirey [Lyricist - Sisir Sen]
11. Champaka Jago Jago [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
12. Prem Jamunai Hoito Keu [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
13. Bodhu Go Ei Madhumas [Lyricist - Gouri Prasanna Majumder]
14. Aamar Milan Malaati [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
15. Jago Momo Saheli Go [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya]
16. Piya Soney Milana Piyas [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
17. Priya Rajanigandha Boney [Lyricist - Kamal Ghosh]
18. Ei Chaiti Sandhya Jai Britha [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
19. Bhulaye Aamay Du Din [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
20. Ke Aamarey Aajo Pichhu Daakey [Lyricist - Mohini Chowdhury]
21. Paradeshey Keno Go [Lyricist - Ajoy Bhattacharya] 

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