Bangla Baul Songs | Extraordinary Album - "Sounds of Bengali Baul & Spirituals from the 60's San Francisco, U.S.A."

I took this photograph in 2006 in West Bengal ...

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In the now forgotten (or maybe not!) days of analog tape audio mastering, in the fall of the year that man went to the moon, one year before I was born, a fascinating group of Bangla baul, folk, spiritual and tribal singers landed in the United States. They went around San Francisco and generated quite a commotion in contemporary music aficionados with their songs both mystic and tied to the earth, in the best traditions of Indian / far eastern ageless mysticism, sufism, baul, folk, tribal and spiritual wisdom. This CD will surely find an honorable place in the collection of any student of eastern philosophy, folk and tribal music and culture and connoisseure of music. It contains priceless Bangla Baul song recordings of these Bauls from Bengal performing on Radio, TV, schools, universities and concerts.

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