Bangla Band Alokborsho | Subhajit | Pagol

Alokborsho is a next generation modern Bangla Rock Band from Kolkata. In the spirit of naive attempts at serious rock music by the nascent Bengali Rock movement, Alokborsho has released an album, which they have named Marijuana.

One of the ex members of the Bengali Rock Music Band Alokborsho, Subhajit, who is a singer & songwriter, wrote a song called Pagol. This song was later incorporated in their new Bangla Band album release. In the following video, posted at youtube by Arijit, Subhajit talks about the song "Paagol" and sings it and plays his guitar (acoustic). A very interesting snapshot into the current youth of Bengal, this song will bring back Chandrabindoo's wannabee social satire song about the planet mars (Mongol Groho.) Surprisingly, the first line of Subhajit's song  coincides with the first line of Suman Chattopadhyay's (now Kabir Suman, running on a Trinamool Congress ticket in Jadavpur for a Lok Sabha  / MP seat) song of the same name (Paagol), but Subhajit clarifies he wrote his song earlier than Suman this is sheer kaktaliyo ghotona.

Watch and Listen online to Subhajit, ex band member of Alokborsho, performing Paagol in an informal setting:

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