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Album: Balam

Balam is a talented and versatile singer, performer and producer from Bangladesh and is well known for his unique blend of Bengali World Fusion. Balam is a natural in music. When Balam was in the eighth grade at school, he composed the popular Warfaze song "Mone pore jaye amar koishor". Balam was a cofounder of the Bangla Band Renegades in 1995, when he graduated from secondary school. Renegades released the album "Phiriye Dao" towards the end of 1995. Renegades also came in second in the "Coca Cola Bands Music Awards" Bengali Band competiton in 1997.

Balam joined the hugely popular Bangla Band Warfaze towards the end of 1998. He eventually went solo, releaseing his first album Premshikari and then the Self-titled album Balam which was wildly successful.

The Bangla songs by Balam in the album "Balam" are:

  1. Ek Muttho Roddur Hatey
  2. Nirashaey Dole Ashar Nilachol
  3. Kaar Paye Nupur Baje
  4. Nijer Sathey Lukochuri Shobi Shunno
  5. Tomar Jonno Shindhur Nil
  6. Kere Chilo Shob Ghum Rupkatha
  7. Nischupe Bherey Biroher Shampan
  8. Shomorpon Dome Dome Daki Tomay
  9. Rongdhonu (Instrumental)

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