Akshay Kumar amd Mickey Mehta in Mumbai Walk for Health

Via Yasin Hamidani/Communicate India 

Mickey Mehta with Akshay Kumar at Max Bupa Walk for Health Event​
Mickey Mehta with Akshay Kumar at Max Bupa Walk for Health Event​

Mumbai, Jan 25 - It was truly one of the most gratifying moments for Global Leading Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta to share exclusive stage presence with the ace actor, Akshay Kumar at the Max Bupa Walk for Health event in Mumbai. Mickey and Akshay were promoting the event.

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"I still remember years ago when Akshay had invited me to workout with him in his private, exclusive, and world's best personal gym ever. And now it feels truly great to have shared some moments at the flag off of the event and displayed a few moves of fitness along with the action man..." says Mickey who has the highest amount of self-discipline among the actors of the Indian film fraternity. Mickey respects Akshay immensely for his habit of rising early with the sun and going to bed pretty early. Akshay is a vegetarian and a tee-teetotaler and he believes in naturalism. Mickey humbly admits that Akshay is fitter than him. Further, Mickey showcased his signature kick to kick start the event and aptly branded it AIRLIFT.

Speaking of AIRLIFT, Mickey urges the community to watch the heart trenching reality in which every Indian will find an emotional cord. A story of a bravado played by Akshay Kumar and the role played in Air India in the most heroic evacuation event.  Lastly, Mickey quotes Akshay: 'It's better to play a real life hero than to play a super hero.' Well said Akshay!