Abhishek Bachchan Has Over 9 Million Followers

By Priyanka Basu, Everymedia

Abhishek Bachchan (WBRi File Photo)
Abhishek Bachchan (WBRi File Photo)

Mumbai, 12th April, 2016: Abhishek bachchan’s Twitter follower count hit 9 Million and he couldn't be happier. Junior Bachchan took time out of his schedule to celebrate the occasion and thank his fans for supporting him. In his tweet to fans, Abhishek thanked them for their love, tolerance, humor and for keeping him humble.

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To commemorate this milestone, Abhishek decided to have an impromptu chat with his followers where he went on to answer their questions for close to 45 minutes. His live chat with fans created a huge stir so much so that #ABCrewTouches9Million was trending on twitter. Abhishek has always had a very special relationship with his fans which can be seen by his ever expanding fan base on social media.

Check out Abhishek’s special message to his fans here: