Mahalaya Live Online Broadcast on Washington Bangla Radio - Sept 18, 2009 4 AM - A recap

Washington Bangla Radio's pioneering online Mahalaya broadcast repeated at 4 AM at various time zones was a big success. We thank everyone who tuned in, listened and participated in live "adda" in the shoutbox on WBRi Channel-2 player for making this effort so successful.

Our servers show almost 300 people across the world woke up at 4 AM to listen to our live Mahalaya broadcast.

Here is a video of the WBRI Channel-2 live radio player while Mahalaya was being broadcast at 4 AM Kolkata, India time (6:30 PM on Sept 17 Eastern time in USA).

Here are screen-shots of our channel-2 live radio server during 4 AM broadcasts of Birendra Krishna Bhadra's Mahishashur Mardini at various timezones across the globe.

Thanks again to everyone for making this a big success !

We will try to get permission from Saregama Plc. next year as well. Hopefully, asche bochor abar hobe !