Rupam Islam's Fossils Kolkata Bangla Band lives up expectations with Fossils 3

Kolkata Bangla Band Fossils

Kolkata witnessed the biggest album launch ever on the 19th of September 2009 at South City Mall.

The album hit the market on the 18th(Friday), the album was launched on 19th(Saturday) and on Sunday, it was at no.9 of Radio Mirchi charts as per sales records based on sale from Sunday to Saturday across different stores of Kolkata.

On Monday, Music World released it's top 10 most sold album list based on sales from Monday to Sunday and Fossils 3 was at no.6, in spite of having reached the stores only on Friday.

In a matter of 3 days more than 5000 copies of the album were sold, which is a new record for the regional market. Copies of the album at Planet M, Music World, Starmark, and M3 at South City Mall were all sold out on the very first day.

Fossils are a Bangla Rock band formed in Kolkata, India in 1998. The group is considered one of the pioneering Rock acts in Kolkata's Bangla music scene.

The band is currently composed of Rupam Islam (lead vocals, composer, lyricist), Deep (rhythm guitar), Partha (lead guitar), Chandra (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Bubun (drums, percussion).

Their music is flavoured by a blend of blues, hard rock, alternative rock, and psychedelia along with Rupam Islam's vocal renditions of his characteristic psycho-analytical lyrics. They are noted for their social commentary and advocation of causes such as the welfare of HIV positive people.

Like most other Bangla bands, Fossils performs in the Bengali language but using mainly Western principles of music.

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