Rajdrohi - It's TIme To Transform (2009) - Bengali Movie Claims to be the First Sci-Fi Bangla Film

Rajdrohi Bengali Movie Poster

Rajodrohi is an upcoming Calcutta (Kolkata) Bengali movie directed by Tapan Banerjee and starring Anshuman, Manali, Swati, Rajatava Dutta, Arun Banerjee, Amit Daw and others. Rajodrohi is the first film released under the banner of Sadhana Films, and also the first film produced by Kolkata-born Rajkumar Tiwari, who wanted to start with a regional film before moving on to more lucrative Hindi film production.

For many decades after Satyajit Ray's path-setting Goopy Gayn Bhagha Bain series of Bengali sci-fi / fantasy movies, there was a total absence of attempts in this genre, till the vastly underrated Patalghar came along. Apparently, the Bengali audience had not matured enough to grasp serious sci-fi yet, and Patalghar may have been too early for it's time. It remains a fascinating movie, and will make it into the annals of Benagli movie lore in the future.

According to reports, the forthcoming Bangla sc-fi fantasy Tapan Banerjee's Rajdrohi is staking a claim to be the first Bengali movie of the genre. The film is an adaptation of "The Invisible Man", with an accidentally made invisible son goes on a quest of finding his Dad who can set things right again.

Those of us who have watched with eagerness BBC's seminal TV series eagerly await this Bengali edition. If the director delivers a full length Bengali feature film of sci-fi genre that manages to hold the attention of the Bangla audience, it will be a credit by itself, regardless of the lack of originality of the reported storyline.

Rajdrohi is Tapan Banerjee's second movie, after Prem (2007).

A scientist discovers a method for making humans invisible, but does not find any test subjects, and then commits suicide leaving his discovery untested and secret. Around four years later, the scientist's son Deep (played by Angshuman) discovers his father's secret, and decides to try the method on himself. Before the test, he is convinced by his late father's assistants that there indeed is a way to reverse the effect, i.e. if the son did become invisible, he would be made visible again. Unfortunately, the son did become invisible, but then trouble started with failure to make him visible again. In the meanwhile, the now invisible son, thanks to his stealthiness, comes to know that his Dad did not commit suicide, but was murdered. The murderer is eventually apprehended.

Rajdrohi also has a romantic angle to the storyline. The hero Ansuman and the two heroines Manali and Swati participate in a love story. Manali plays Mallika, a scientist. Manali is a complex character, and has other aspects to her personality than just being a scientist. Debutant actress Swati plays Raya, who was once saved by Deep and returns the favor with a resulting romance evolving between the two.

Looks like there may actually be a surprise at the end of the movie, and Deep's father may not really be dead ...

Watch a couple of videos from Youtube from the completion ceremony of Rajdrohi. The director, producer and stars talk about the story and their roles in depth: