An evening of Recitation By Rain of Melody at G D Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata- Solo Performance by Sovan Sundar Bosu

Rain of Melody wanted to present recitation with new dymension. So they choose Sovan Sundar Bose who is famous for successful experiments with Bengali recitation. He is the founder of 1st Bengali Recitation Band “Brishti”. Eminent singer Nachiketa, Grammy Award Winner Fusionist Vikram Ghosh, Telestar Sonali and Rimjhim were present there to accompany him. Sovan choose poems from Rabindranath Tagore to Joy Duttogupto. Though Nachiketa and Vikram Ghosh were very good, Sonali’s dress at the time of Choreography was not proper with recitation evening but Rimjhim was good in choreography. The set was very good, also the music.

Now we are coming to the main part, recitation. Sovan is a very reputed elocutionist, he has delivered most of the poems with grace but at some of the poems like “Durer Palla” by Satyendranath Dutto, his experiment was not at par since poetry part there was not focused over music or choreography. The repercussion of audience was mixed in nature since many of them appreciated the entire program whereas a part of the audience did not like the way of recitation of some of the poems, bold choreography and music. I got a scope to interview Sovan’s mother who always encourages her son to do new innovative experiments with poetry. According to her, she was enjoying the way Sovan is changing the presentation of recitation day by day, his experiments with recitation and the poems he choose. She told that she encouraged him for years for doing such kind of solo program.

Famous Poet, Lyricist and Music Director Joy Duttogupto was behind the whole conception.

We are expecting more solo programs from Sovan in coming days.