Dohar's New Album Matiswar (The Earth God) delivers Tagore Songs with unique Dohar Sound

Tagore and his wife Mrinalini Devi in 1883.

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Dohar is a rapidly advancing group of folk musicians from Bengal fast gaining popularity for their new-age experimental sound.

With a great repertoire of folk music of Bengal and North Eastern India, Dohar started its journey in the world of music in 1999. They play folk songs of different genres like Baul, Bhatiyali, Bhawayia, Chatka, Jhumur, Jari, Shari, Murshidi, Holi, Agamoni-Bijoya, festive-song etc. They are also performing Rabindrasangeet (songs by Rabindranath Tagore) along side using different folk instruments of various types and regions to render an excellent compilation in their new album "Matiswhar".

Watch a promo music-video of Dohar - Matishwar  online.

Dohar - Matiswar is available for download in pristine audiophile MP3 format HERE >

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