Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa Chakraborty's Yatra (journey) into Rabindra Sangeet

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Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa need no introduction in the Indian Music scenario. Yatra is a unique collaboration between the two to bring Rabindrasangeet and Hindustani Classical Raagas side by side.

"Yatra is a journey. A journey through music. And like a journey, Yatra has the sheer delight of coming across the unexpected. Something that, till date, has been unheard of in the Indian music scenario. How does a bandish melt into the soulful tune of Tagore song? Or, does any Rabindrasangeet ring a bell in the mind, and immediately a raaga breaks forth, like a whiff of raindrops on the parched soil? Find these and much more in this album that boasts of a unique ensemble of two masters - Ustad Rashid Khan and Nachiketa. While Ustaad immaculately builds up the raaga, Nachiketa's rendition of the Tagore songs is sprinkled with traces of the corresponding classical tune. What comes up, as a result, is a creative dialogue between two gharanas of music. Significantly, Yatra does not take the much trodden track of positing a Tagore song side by side with the original raaga it's based on. On the contrary, here, one certain raaga evokes a song and vice versa. It's the musical association that spells the magic. Thus unfolds a rare journey of music. A homage to the timeless creations of the Bard. Rabindranath Tagore. One of the greatest fusionists the world has ever produced."


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