Supriya Paul - Bangla Kobita Abritti - Bengali Poetry Recitation

WBRi presents Supriya Paul, who is not only an elocutionist but a poet himself. He recites his own poem for us. This is what Supriya has to say about himself.
“I was born in 1978, in a small town namely Silchar, in the southern most part of Assam, India. I don’t know when I had started writing in the meaningful way. Though, I had done a lot of sketches comprising of rarely meaningful and mostly self-invented words & lines with meanings still to know, since I was five”.Supriya Paul
 Supriya completed schooling from a Bengali medium HS school in Silchar. With some sophisticated 21st century’s contemporary dreams mingled with lot of confusions in his teen mind, he graduated in electrical engineering from NIT in 2000; and then got absorbed by a leading power sector utility in India.
He again adds “Thanks to the company, I had a lot of opportunity to roam in & around different places, ways, cultures and flavors as possible in the laps of seven sisters of India, to the north-east of it. The habit is still on.
During when I was posted in a Kokrajhar, on a gloomy evening, I got surprised with a diary;  which kept getting filled up, with or without much of my notice, by a few rhythmic Bengali lines of my own depicting my memories, lives of people I come across, my attitude towards love, positive & negative layers of my own shadow.
Yes, I had been writing quite seriously. And as of today it is, perhaps, one thing I could identify with and others could unfold myself to the extent possible.”

Let’s listen to Supriya’s recitation Pothe Dekha: