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Je ache antare

Antarbas is an upcoming Kolkata Bengali movie.


Debsunder a hierarchical resident of his south Kolkata house is crossing the threshold of his old age. His family consists of his wife Lilabati, his old decrepit father who has lost all judgmental capacities, three sons- Dibyasunder, Aloksunder and Amitsunder, daughter-in-laws Himani and Laboni (wives of Alok & Amit respectively) and their family servant Ranpa who completes his family. Debsunder’s modern outlook permits an emotional intimate involvement between yet to be married Ranjana and Dibyasunder.

The conflict of emotions leading to discrepancy in relationships is the main theme of the story. A struggle for economic flourishment clashes with morals and virtues.

Debsunder, a man of modern outlook stirred out of senses when his ideal family faces questions of disintegration. Laboni unable to suffer the emotional detachment from Amit, who seems drowned into software world, decides to leave him and get into a doubted relationship with Arko, the family doctor. At the other hand the family recognizes the intimate bonding between Himani and  Alok.

Debsunder is awestruck when such a truth strikes him. His modern outlook though provides consent to Laboni’s departure, still holds on to Hemani’s support. He doesn’t find answers to these mysterious questions of life. What decision will Laboni finally take?

To know the end, please see “Je ache antare- ANTARBAAS” Directed by Suhasis Chatterjee and Produced by Subhajit Roy & Feel Good Movies P. Ltd.

Antarbaas (2009) Movie Stills